Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Trim

I had the full intention of never cutting Becker's hair.  Ok, not never, but not anytime soon.  I loved his curls and the whispy, pureness of his baby hair.  It seemed to take so long for him to really grow a substantial amount of hair.  I wanted to see how long it would grow.  Yes, he was often referred to as a girl at the grocery store or park.  Even in very mascuiline clothes people would often comment about how cute or verbal "she" was.  I'm sure his amber necklace confirmed their word choice.  Depending on my mood I would correct them.  I was proud of his curls and called it "surfer chic."  Then, the week after he turned 2, Becker became a little boy with a very clear wish.  He wanted a hair cut.  From the back seat I heard him scolding his hair, "don't get in Becker's eyes HAIR!" he yelled in frustration, tearing out strands hear and there and handing them to me.  I couldn't see him as he faces backwards, but I could hear him slapping at his face and hair.  I told him how to brush his bangs to the side, but this was not a permanent solution and just would not do.  I asked him if he wanted me to get it cut and was greeted with an enthusiastic YES.  I explained that I couldn't cut it that day, but I would call someone who could.  I asked my hair stylist if she had done children and if she would be willing to give Becker his first trim.  The appointment was set for a couple of days later, and Becker was looking forward to the trim. 

The whole thing was harder on me than him.  It was like watching him transform into a boy.  Kenna came over after his nap and Becker told her how his hair was in his eyes and he did not like that.  She said after the trim his hair will grow in fuller and less like a mullet.  Ok, I can live with that.  He sat on Mark's lap and watched as skillful hands moved about his head, snipping here and there.  He did not have to sit perfectly still, he did not have to look a certain way, she just worked around his movements fluidly as we chatted and I took too many pictures.  At one point we gave him a piece of his hair to hold and he looked at it proudly.  Mark commented on how he looked older immidiately.  We saved a curl from the back for his baby book and he helped vacuum the hair from the kitchen floor afterward.  He was so happy to be getting his hair cut.  Even though I had hoped to wait longer, I was thrilled to see him enjoy the process since it was his idea.

the finished product

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  1. Me Oh My...what a cute freshly coiffed kid! Good job saving a little lock for his baby book. He might have totally different hair when we gets older and it will be so cute to have that memento :)