Saturday, July 28, 2012

18 Months

1 ½ candles for 1 ½  years

Becker turned 18 months today.  A year and a half.  Watching him run and play in the grass this morning brought a warm smile to my face.  I tried to remember how different things were just a few months ago.  How much he has changed.  All the things he could not do, and the things he could.  He could crawl around in this grass and got really fast, but now he can RUN and he glides through the air with his long, swift strides.  I remember when he got a boat bath set for his birthday and it came with a fish shaped nail brush.  I thought that was cute idea, but didn’t think you would ever use one on a baby.  Fast forward a month and a half to when he started walking and squatting and digging in the dirt and that nail brush is a routine part of the bath these days.  Walking brought all sorts of new avenues for Becker.  He can squat down for long periods of time examining bugs, digging or just observing the world.  He gets filthy daily and I love watching him fully immerse himself in this serious business of play.  He can run towards anything he is interested in and run he does!

He can jump, climb and almost do a summersault.  I wonder what we did at the park a year ago when we walked to this same grassy spot almost daily with Bodi.  I guess we sat or laid in the grass.  At the time that was exciting too and I took tons of pictures of Becker sitting just watching Bodi and the trees.  My baby is no longer a baby.  He is a little boy full of life and love.  His personality has really developed in these six months since turning one.  He has become himself.  He is exuberant, funny, strong and kind.  He is always excited, whether it’s because he gets to open a package of printer ink we ordered or carry the toilet paper from the car to the house.  And don’t bring up the vacuum unless you actually plan on vacuuming within the next few minutes because that activity is just thrilling and he will have the vacuum out of the closet before you know it.  Becker, I hope your joy in the little things sticks with you as it is contagious and really makes you a fun person to be around.  Don't ever stop smelling the flowers.

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  1. On-the-go! He is so active :) I'm now considering the fact that I can still at least carry Jack like he's a baby a glimmer of hope that he will in fact remain a baby a little longer...