Saturday, August 4, 2012


B-Man has found a love for vacuums.  Before he could walk he was very fearful of the vacuum and I had to put him in the front carrier in order to vacuum.  Since it scared him I really didn't do it very much.  :-| Oops! When he started walking, Becker decided vacuums were absolutely awesome.  Right up there with the garbage truck on the awesomeness chart.  He started "helping" me vacuum and wanted to push it around himself.  At first it was too heavy for him and he could only hold it up for a few moments, but then he grew a little and now he can walk forward and backward while pushing the thing roaring along.  He also pushes his wooden toy alongside me when I vacuum, back and forth, back and forth, just like Mommy.  It's become his favorite activity and he asks to "a-cuum" daily.  If by chance I happen to say, "Wow, I really need to vacuum!" I turn around to see Becker pulling it out of the closet, unable to contain his excitement.  He just loves the vacuum.  So at 7am on Saturday morning we can be found vacuuming in our pajamas and B is delighted.

Later that particular Saturday on a simple trip to Target I was checking out frames when I heard Becker exclaim scream "A-CUUM!" from the seat of the cart.  At first I just continued browsing the frames because he does practice his words often, but then I see that despite my efforts to tighten that mesh string they call a seat belt as tight as I could around his little chest, he has turned around in the seat of the cart and is now on his knees facing the other direction arms thrust forward reaching and squealing toward a wall of, you guessed it, vacuums.  The vacuums are lined up on a wall clear across the store.   A walkway and an entire row of aisles separate us from the holy grail, but Becker had spotted them and that was that.  We were going to be visiting the vacuums next.  I whispered that we had to be really quiet if we wanted to see the vacuums and he quickly stopped squealing and we whispered together as we approached the wall.  He was actually quivering with excitement.  You would have thought I was in the toy aisle or a pet store with how he reacted.  I took him out of the cart and set him down and he walked down the aisle with his mouth wide open pointing and jumping up and down.  He was thrilled to see so many vacuums.

Mama, look at all these vacuums!

Ooh this one looks nice.
He pointed to the boxes and reached up high to the displays above him.  I lifted him up so he could see those better and he wanted to bring it down.  The term "display only" is really lost on a toddler.  Back down on the floor he continued repeating "a-cuum" loudly while almost panting.  A couple of people walked by and Becker tried to explain how amazing this experience was for him.  He pointed at the vacuums and looked up at the person, back and forth with a "can you believe this?!" look on his face.  I smiled and snapped some photos on my phone and quietly giggled as it was all pretty hilarious and adorable.
I've hit the jackpot!
Must have vacuum!
 When we got to the end of the row and saw vacuums similar to the one we own, I had to explain that we were not taking one of these home today and that we had a perfectly good vacuum at home.  A quick shriek of disappointment and we negotiated that he didn't have to sit in the dreaded cart seat for the walk to check-out.  He preferred to hang like the monkey he is off the handlebar. 

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  1. So cute! I love your negotiation skills at the end there--smart and quick thinking!! It's amazing how wrapped up in something they get at this age!