Sunday, October 21, 2012

Granny's Farm

Becker's Great Grand Parents have a small farm in Rio Linda, CA.  We have been trying to get up to the farm ever since Becks could walk, and finally found the perfect time with a good Southwest Airlines sale to boot.  I was hoping for good fall weather, but the days leading up to our trip were pushing triple digits.  Luckily we caught a break with highs in the mid to upper 70s and overnight lows in the 50s.  Yay for Uggs, pants and jackets!  You see, the lows actually don't affect us at night as Becks goes to bed at 6:30pm.  We are all snug and warm inside after dinner.  But come 6am, the rooster calls (literally, his name is Sarge) and Becker is up and ready to get moving.  Since Granny and Grandpa were still *attempting* to sleep, we headed outside each morning to walk around the farm and help Michael feed the goats, chickens and sheep.  The cold air was wonderful and Becker thoroughly enjoyed chasing the sheep as their bells jingled in the morning mist.  Our trip was filled with egg collecting, animal feeding, a trip to a nearby pumpkin patch, a trip to the aerospace museum and a visit to Fairytale Land.  Becker topped it all off with a ride on the big lawnmower.  Busy weekend for sure and we loved every waking second of it.

My favorite photo from the trip is when Becker caught the bunny in the animal area at the pumpkin patch.  He was the only child in the small wood shed.  He picked up the bunny in his arms and walked a few steps, then paused, tucked his head in close to the bunny's head and softly said "oh bun bun" a few times.  He was in love instantly.  He remembers that day and often says, "nice bun-bun farm, Becker miss bun-bun."

Here are a few of my favorites from the trip.  In true Mamarazzi style I took over 700 photos in 3 days.  The cuteness overloaded my system.  Oh that's just embarrassing  I need a support group!  

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  1. that all sounds so awesome...
    getting up to feed the animals! riding the lawnmower! pumpkins! such fun...

    adorable!! xx