Monday, October 29, 2012

Toddler Hummus

Becker has come to an age where he is really fun to cook with.  He is interested in the process and wants to be part of it.  Many months ago we started him off helping to flip pancakes or watch the mixer spin.  He found our step stool one day and never looked back.  He loves being able to stand up at the counter with us.  Now he can help measure out ingredients, pour them into bowls and watch the process unfold.  We made pumpkin butter together last week and it was such a successful activity, I've been including him in cooking as much as possible.  This morning right after breakfast we made kalamata olive hummus in our new food processor.  This was a lot of fun because Becker could do almost all of the steps himself with very little help.  You can see from the pictures that he was very focused the whole time.

First Becker rolled 3 garlic cloves to peel them:

Next Becker helped open the can of garbanzo beans (Mommy had to help on this one):

Then Becker dumped the beans into the food processor with the garlic cloves and added two scoops of tahini:

Here he is on his cute little "tool" or "ladder" (stool):

  He shook in some Cumin and added a pinch of salt:

Next up was lemon juice.  He the juice out of squeezed lemon slices:

We gave it a whirl! Becker wanted to be held while the food processor was on:

Now for the kalamata olives.  Becker added a few handfuls:

 Had to taste test:

Ready for a couple of pulses to break down the olives:

And the final taste test of approval:

*I didn't plug the food processor in until we had everything in it and were ready to turn it on*

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