Monday, January 7, 2013

Lucky Rainbow

We saw the most beautiful rainbow while driving in the afternoon rain yesterday.  The sun was out and the rain was coming down and then there it was, the brightest rainbow I'd ever seen.  Not only was it that, but there was a faint second rainbow as well.  Hello double rainbow!  We were able to see it for quite a while as we drove and Becker loved the bright colors painting the sky in front of him.  At times we could see the entire thing, where it touched down on both sides.  Thankfully Mark was driving because I was giddy bouncing back and forth in the back seat, trying to get photos out the back windows like a rainbow paparazzi.  We were too close to get the whole thing in one shot.  At one point we were actually the touchdown point.  Right in our car.  It felt like something special.  A rainbow is one of those whimsical, magical things and there it was arched out in front of us and then landing on us.  Boom! (ok there was no sound)  We were the pot of gold.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that was a good omen.  Seriously, how often does that happen? 

We had been on our way to a friend's house when we saw it and when we left it was dark out.  Becker wanted to see the rainbow.  It had been there when we arrived and now it was gone.  How do you explain a rainbow to a not quite 2 year old?  You can't see it when it's dark, and it won't be back tomorrow like the sun.  It's just something special you get to see for a few minutes.

So here it is in 3 pieces straight out of the iphone.  Both touch downs and the middle. 
It's pretty awesome.

rainbow rainbow

My favorite nice and big:

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  1. Pretty much flawless. I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow like this! So magical :)