Monday, January 28, 2013


Dear Becker,

When you turned one, you were a baby, and now as you turn two, you are a little boy.  I look at you and cannot believe how much you have changed in the past twelve months and all that you have accomplished.  This year you learned to walk! Those first few steps are still a thrilling memory in my mind.  We cheered you on with all our might, but also tried to conceal our excitement so as not to jar your concentration.  Once you started walking, it seemed like a matter of days before you were running. Fast.  You have not stopped running since.  You run everywhere.  You mastered using a fork and spoon this year and expanded your palette to include mustard salmon and quinoa salad.  You have been a very willing eater, some days eating more than Daddy or myself.  You built up a pretty impressive vocabulary this year starting with Dada, Bobo and finally Mama.  It was hard to wait to hear you say my name.  Once you picked up a few more words, your first phrase was "Bobo Come!" And then you added "now" to most word combinations.  Now we can have quite the conversation and you amaze me daily using words in context that I did not know you knew.  I love that you can tell me when your teeth hurt or you are hungry.  You can tell me about things that happened in the past and how they made you feel.  I've watched you refine language sometimes before I was even able to get the blooper on tape.  The time you said, "finger pits" instead of finger tips and how you say, "double double X,Y,Z!"  When you try to take your temperature with the forehead thermometer you always tell us your temperature is "forty-two feet".  We have no idea where you got that one!  You are kind, loving and willing to share.  You never went through separation anxiety, always comfortable in the care of someone who loves you.  You always offer to share, even cookies that you rarely get to eat.  That always amazes me as you have no fear that there is not enough or won't be more.  You love to help and want to help with everything from laundry to vacuuming and cooking.  Doing housework with you has become fun and I am so happy that you enjoy the little things that are just part of being in a family.  You love animals and watching your excitement and gentle kindness with them is a beautiful thing to behold.  When you caught that "bun bun" in Rio Linda you fell in love instantly and whenever you see the photo you whisper, "oh bun bun" so longingly and sweet.  You talk about your animal encounters with such enthusiasm and love.  This is why we planned to have your second birthday party at a petting zoo.  It's just so fitting for you right now.  You share your toys with ease, never grabbing, allowing your friends free range to all of your favorites.  I did not teach you that, it just came naturally to you and I am in awe.  You must have gotten it from Daddy because I am still not great at sharing.  I am so proud of the person you are becoming, and so excited to see what the coming year brings.  I hope I took enough photos (probably too many) and videos.  I never want to forget the sound of your voice at this age.  How you say, "family hug!" when you see me hug Daddy and you rush over calling "Bodi come in family hug" to join us.  You lay your head on my shoulder and quietly say "family."  That's what it's all about kiddo, and you are wiser than your two short years.

I love you always,


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